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Hospital Bed

To meet the hospital bed requirements of many healthcare centers, our company was established. While selecting the bed that would be used by patients one after another, bed frame, mattress and type factors must be considered. For the convenience of the patients with different ailments, the mattresses suitable for hospital beds are innerspring, foam prevention, alternating pressure, low air loss and heavy duty. The head and foot of manual beds can be raised and lowered using hand cranks. If the adjustments are to be made more often, electric or semi-electric bed is better option. And if repositioning is not frequent, a manual bed might be a good choice.

Key points:
  • The kinds of bed that can be found in hospitals are manual, semi electric, full electric, hi-low and heavy duty.
  • Motors are installed in semi-electrical beds to make head and foot adjustments, while to make height adjustment, hand crank is manually operated.
  • In full electric beds, the foot, head and height adjustments are remotely controlled.
  • The beds are made of high grade metal and are painted to prevent rust or corrosion.